The importance of patient safety

Intravenous (IV) therapy, the most frequent invasive procedure, is unsafe for both patients and healthcare staff. Around 80% of in-hospital patients receive IV therapy through a tube, which is all too often accidentally pulled out during use. A retrospective study comparing the audit of 2 peripheral IV securement dressings mentions 36% catheter failure due to dislodgement.1 An annual 3.8 billion tubes are used in Europe and the USA, making this a massive problem.
Our patented solution, ReLink®, is a safety connector for IV tubes. It has the potential to protect the patients and healthcare staff when the accident is a fact.


1. Jackson, A. (2012). Retrospective comparative audit of two peripheral IV securement dressings. British Journal of Nursing21(Sup1), S10-S15

About us

Tada Medical AB is a Swedish medical device company that developed a safety connector for IV tubes, using technology to prevent accidental dislodgement. 

The company was founded in the spring of 2016 with the purpose to improve healthcare. The founders of Tada Medical AB met during the programme Clinical Innovation Fellowships, an EIT Health Flagship Initiative. This innovative concept matched the team members through a rigorous test process to create an ideal multidisciplinary team to design and develop need-based innovations for the healthcare sector. After the program, a concept for solving a huge global problem was in place, product development was initiated, and Tada Medical AB was founded.