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Intravenous (IV) therapy is the most common invasive procedure in modern healthcare, with fluids delivered directly into the vein through tubing connected to a catheter device. Of the 3.8 billion IV tubes used each year, research shows that ~10% of tubes are forcefully ripped from the vein during the infusion. This IV dislodgement can result in injury to the patient, loss of fluid resources, exposure of hazardous drugs and increased risk of infection. It also creates additional work for clinicians, with up to 30 mins of additional time required to clean and reinstate the infusion.


ReLink® is a patented breakaway connector, designed and engineered to increase safety and reduce harm caused by accidental dislodgement incidents.

Its unique design features double-sided, self-sealable ports, with weak link activation to protect the catheter placement site and loss of fluid resources. The pull force required to separate the tube from the catheter has been optimised through rigorous testing to ensure the catheter dwelling site remains protected.

After separation, both ReLink® connector parts can be simply swabbed and reconnected for rapid reinstatement of therapy, providing unrivalled efficiency for nursing staff in every environment.

ReLink® is specially engineered to enhance infusion stability by keeping connections of IV catheters to IV lines, with a controlled break away and predictable results. 

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ReLink® product family

ReLink® is a platform technology which is adaptable across a broad range of sectors...

ReLink Care

First generation breakaway connector for increased safety for patient and healthcare professionals. Target users in emergency care, elderly care and nursing homes.

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ReLink Advanced

A closed system transfer device eliminates leakage of toxic liquids and vapours to safekeep healthcare professionals working with hazardous drugs such as chemotherapy.

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ReLink Veterinary

Annual market value of €35 billion in Europe and USA. Low regulatory barrier for market entry. No product modifications required for treatment of small animals.

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ReLink Digital

Moving IV therapy from the hospital to the home could save up to 90% of treatment costs. Continuity of care is enabled by including electronics for monitoring and communication.

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Meet the team

Katarina Hedbeck

Chief Executive Officer 

& Co-founder

Dr. Rebecca Bejhed

Chief Operating Officer

& Co-founder

Christopher Blacker, MD

Medical Lead

& Co-founder


Chief Technical Officer

Maria Asif

Chief Financial Officer

Puneet Gaharana

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Ujala Bhardwaj

Chief Regulatory Officer

Dr. Rakshita Singh 

Chief Communication Officer

Pallavi Saksena

Design Lead

ReLink® is an advanced breakaway connector for IV lines, designed to reduce complications and costs associated with accidental disconnection events in healthcare settings, a leading challenge in hospital and homecare infusions.

The patented ReLink®  platform technology will enable healthcare providers to deliver critical fluids safely and efficiently.



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"The project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 961967."


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