Warm welcome to our new intern Aneek Lal!

Once again, our sincere thanks to Jobbsprånget . They are really helping us with finding motivated and skilled employees. This time through our advertisements we have met Aneek. He is an experienced management accountant with over 15 years’ experience in finance in the private sector. Aneek has his roots in New Zealand and with a brilliant skill set and talent he has worked in broad range of industries starting from medical, pharmaceutical, communications, construction, retail, and property management. He has not only worked in New Zealand but also has international work experience in Australia and the United Kingdom. Currently he is based in Sweden and will be interning with us on the role of Project Manager reporting and Payables. Personally, he not only enjoys work but excellently manages time for his passion of reading and running. We are looking forward to working with Aneek and our team will be happy to have his help.