ReLink® Safety Connector

ReLink® is a patent-protected device addressing the massive global issues of accidentally dislodged IV tubes. In case of an accident, the connector acts as a weak link and splits into two parts, thus preventing dislodgement and patient injury. A double valve system prevents spillage of blood and medication. The constitution of the device allows for protection of the IV tube and bag as well as rapid reinstatement of IV therapy after an accident.

Protecting the content of the IV bag is especially important for patients receiving chemotherapy since their doses are individually calculated and spilling an unknown amount can be devastating to their treatment protocol.


Our product protects the safety of patients and healthcare staff, reduces the cost as well as minimises the waste produced by accidental dislodgement of IV tubes.

Even with the securement devices currently available in the market, hospitals in Europe are still spending a huge amount of money on dislodgement related accidents, which is increasing with the aging population and associated increase in diseases. If we assume that our state-of-the-art safety connector ReLink® is used, it will result in substantial cost savings for European hospitals of €10 billion in 2020, cumulating to a staggering €58 billion over a 5-year period.